Get Help With Sex Addiction At A Counseling Center

What Is Sex Addiction?

addictThere are many people who dispute that sex addiction is real, or that it’s something that needs counseling, or any kind of real attention. Many are familiar with the words, “sex addiction,” after a famous golfer came out saying that he had a problem with sex, and that he had cheated on his wife with many different women. Although many other stars have come out with problems when it comes to sex, this incident is the most well known incident. Sex addiction is when a person is addicted to all things that have to do with sex.

Those who are addicted to sex, will do just about anything to get it, including breaking the law, hurting others emotionally, and it’s even possible that the person may physically assault a person, in order to get sex. Although most who claim to have a sex addiction, are not violent with those they have sex with, there are rapists, who have been prosecuted as such, and they are deemed to be a sex addict. An addiction can be anything that takes over the life of the person, and it becomes more important than anything else.

If something that a person does, becomes more important than loveaddicteating, sleeping, spending time with family, working, or doing something that is necessary in their life, then this may be considered an addiction.  When it comes to a sexual addiction, you may find that the person is having sex at the strangest times, in the weirdest places, or even if they’ve just finished having sex with another partner. It’s not unusual for a sex addict to have many partners, or to jump from one partner to a next. The problem with sex addiction, is the physical strain on the body, as well as the mind.

Sex addicts are likely to have many partners, and this can contribute to one contracting an STD. Some sex addicts are so into what they do, that they may know they have an STD, and they will continue sleeping with others, sometimes without protection, just so they can satisfy the urge they have for sex. Sex addiction can be serious, and it can be something that ends up breaking up a valuable relationship, a family, or even being harmful to the life of the person who is a sex addict. When it comes to sex addiction, counseling is going to be necessary.

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