Some people say: He is “true fashion.” Others are imitating, not at all fashionable. When I heard a similar statement, I really wanted to ask him: You said that you are really fashionable, then please tell me, what is fashion? In a word, fashion is a kind of design that is popular, including people, things, and things, and then leads everyone to imitate and finally become a topic, that is, fashion.

Fashion is created by people, and deliberate marketing has become a popular trend; for example: the current popular nail painting. Under the leadership of a group of people or public figures, such as the stars of the acting stars and the media, if you haven’t tried it, then you can’t keep up with the popularity, you are not fashionable. But is it really popular to be fashionable? In recent years, fashion has captured unprecedented public attention in history. It is no longer just a topic of privileged class, or a shopping adventure where women spend their time. Today, fashion has become a very important cultural factor, and we will get the latest ideas in the most serious newspapers, magazines, TV and movies.

Since fashion has become a serious and profitable industry, it has not only created employment opportunities for fashion designers and tailors, but has also created for countless journalists, editors, photographers, models, stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers. Job opportunities, not to mention factory and home foundries around the world, as well as salespeople in department stores and clothing stores. In addition to the fashion reports published in the newspapers every day, where can we get more knowledge about the understanding and understanding of fashion?

For example, if you want to know how long fashion has existed? And what kind of cultural environment makes it develop into what it is today? Also, what is the relationship between fashion and the ever-changing self-understanding and the different roles of men and women? And how do we think about constantly taking the idea from the end of fashion? Full of creativity? Since we can’t get rid of fashion in our daily lives, even those who think they refuse to be captured by fashion are also involved in their rejection. Therefore, in order to distinguish from fashion, anti-fashion trends always refer to the corresponding fashion. In the end, they are just a kind of positive response. Even if you don’t fight against the banner, you just want to echo the existence of fashion, and it becomes very difficult.

Because if the fashion color of the “present” is yellow, few shops sell green clothing; if the geometric stripe pattern is popular, it is difficult for consumers to find flowers and related patterns. But fashion is not dominated by a single source, so there is no such thing as a unified trend; every fashion consumer may have placed too many fashion trends when filling the wardrobe.

In fact, the fashion trend of decades ago refers to the style that each clothing season shows, but now it has been replaced by several different fashion trends. You have to be able to present one of these trends, otherwise it would be the same as it could not keep up with the main trend decades ago. Since good taste and elegance are no longer the only standards of fashion, it is even harder to decide what is “popular”? What is “old school”? What has long been “out of date”?

And those who lead these trends, we can call him “fashion representative.” Because the popularity will be forgotten with the next wave, but we will remember the people, things and things that bring this popular style. And fashion is the experience of the time, and the popularity will be replaced at any time. So, when we talk about Audrey, we usually call it the legend of the fashion world. And Barbie-style hairstyles led by Brigitte have been inspired by many designers today, The hair stylist blows out and a similar hairstyle. Although many people know the true essence of fashion, in a highly mature consumer society, more and more people are not clear about its true meaning, but they just chase it, and often hear people say: I am fashion!